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CCS Agency is the exclusive care provider for CCS Village, a full service community for active adults aged 55 and over.


CCS stands for Care Commitment and Service in the promotion of quality in-home care available. This is our pledge to the client, the family and the community.

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Certified Caregivers/Personal Support Workers can help in these activities:

Shopping – They do this either with or for the patient. They can accompany the patient’s family member in shopping, in bringing the packages, and in putting them away.

Transportation – They can take the patient to different places, like to the restaurant, the beauty parlor, to the movies and even to the clubhouse to relax.

Laundry- They can carry the laundry, wash them and dry them. They can also help in putting the cloths away and in changing the linens at home.

Cooking – They do this either for or with the patient. They will prepare a balanced diet and regular hot meals which can lead to good nutrition.

Walking and Exercise – Regular physical activity is advised by doctors in order to have toned muscles, better blood circulation which can attribute to a better well being. The caregiver can help in assisting the client in order to ensure the safety in every activity that he/she does.

Light Housekeeping – The caregiver can clean up your kitchen after the meals, the bathroom after showering, do the dishes, straighten the closets, put things away and go through the clutter.

Review Bill Reminders and Mails – They can go through the mail and separate those important ones from the junk ones, be on guard for mail scams and remind the client to pay the bills.

Medication Reminders – There are states wherein the caregiver cannot administer the medication. They can only remind the client when to take the medication and how much dosage should be taken in. They also can help in opening the bottle and in getting water. This can help in ensuring that the client does not miss any medication in order to speed up the recovery.

Someone to Observe – The caregiver can help in looking after the patient especially those whose families are far away. Even just having the caregiver a few times a week can be beneficial in looking after the needs of the patient. The caregiver can give his/her observation of the current status of the patient whether there is improvement or none in his/her situation. This can help in preventing serious health problems that can happen.

Social Contact – For those patients and people who are living alone or living with someone with a day job, it can be sad and lonely. Having someone to be with for most of the day can help in improving the health of a person. Having another person to talk to, to share meals with and to do things with can be comforting and enjoyable.

Respite for the Family Caregivers – There are 12 million or more family caregivers that are employed in the country. They also need to have their own break so that they can rest, visit their doctor, or even meet their friends. There are also spouses who are caring for their partners who are sick. Having a day off can be beneficial in order to recharge their energy and have a break. This can be beneficial to their mental and physical state.


Creative Care Solutions offers caregiving that makes a positive difference in the lives of seniors and their families.  Our goal is to enhance the quality of care, both at home and in the community. In order to do this, we have to address the psychosocial needs of clients and their families related to illness, disability, treatment, and care. We work as a team with the family, personnel, and community groups in providing comprehensive health care planning, training, and ongoing support.

We offer multiple care needs requiring frequent and intensive interventions.

Creative Care Solutions can develop a plan of care that supports a safe, supportive, and appropriate home that encompasses family, friends, financial, spiritual and environmental care.

We offer life skills including copping with stress, empathy, problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, decision making, self awareness, relationship skills, personal health and acceptance, and respect of self and others.

We also assist you and your family in identifying needs and helping you to find the best solutions available. Our services include helping you and your family makes the best use of available medical, emotional, interpersonal, and community resources.

We are compassionate listeners and creative problem solvers. We can serve as mediators, counselors, and advocates for your health care issues, as we help identify possible solutions and alternatives.

Our CPSWs are certified with 1000 hours of training, and yearly updating with career enhancement studies. They assist in helping to coordinate the use of resources for positive health, patient and family satisfaction, and life skills coaching.

For more than 20 years, Community Care Solutions’ have planned, developed and delivered specialized, community-based rehabilitation and support services to people with varying abilities.

Creative Care Solutions operates with Certified Caregivers/Personal Support Workers that take their quality training online with CCS CARE CO.

We are committed to developing positive working relationships with other professionals, projecting costs, designing appropriate goals and matching the individual’s needs with the staff skills that are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in specialized Caregivers/Personal Support Workers in Service provision.

All workers are active in the education and support of the individual and his/her family members or caregivers and able to identify appropriate community resources.

Community Care Solutions’ approach encourages individuals to remain committed to their rehabilitation or program plan for its duration and to assume responsibility for the widest possible range of skills, while striving to live their lives as independently as feasible.

We serve local communities - including homes, schools, work places and long-term care homes, personal support services, healthcare consulting services, including level-of-care and type-of-care consulting, management and transitional planning as well as cleaning.


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Community Care Solutions is a placement agency. Our registry of personnel includes graduates of the Certified Caregiver/Personal Support Worker program with CCS CARE CO online studies. They are also members of the NACCPSW as well as RPNs and RNs.

CCS Agency is a Community Care Solutions offering Certified Caregivers/PSWs since 1989, CCS CARE CO is an online studies for educational standards and training for Certified Caregivers/Personal Support Workers and Professional Childcare Workers. Our graduates have both classroom and on-the-job skills training.

Creative Care Solutions helps you or your loved one enjoy greater independence in the home. With each home visit, our nurses, homemakers and support staff deliver not just health care but home care.

Nurses, CPSWs and Live-in Caregivers all trained in a 1000 hour program for Certification as a Caregiver/Personal Support Worker.

We value and honour our seniors by providing in home caregiver services that preserve dignity and protect independence.

For online studies call CCS CARE 1-519-800-3802

For CCS Agency Please call 1-519-376-7396 for more information or to book a consultation.