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CCS Agency is the exclusive care provider for CCS Village, a full service community for active adults aged 55 and over.



Planning ahead for retirement is more important than ever before. Please take the time to review the following CCS Care Share report. A personal testimonial from our founder is also available below.



I have been in business for over thirty years. Twenty five years ago, I purchased an insurance package to protect me if I was ever caught with health issues that would take me away from the activities of running a business, and allow me enough funds to put someone else in place.

Over the course of twenty-five years, I paid into a policy at $260.00 a month, amounting to $78,000 of protection. Six years ago, while developing a program for Rwanda, I had to fly to Africa, and of course you cannot go without all the immunization expected before entry into Africa. I visited a travel medical centre and had immunization prior to leaving. About 10 days after the immunization, and on the flight to Nairobi, I was stricken with extreme leg and muscle pains, my legs became huge like the old fashioned stove pipes, and they were on fire, so that I had to constantly soak them with cold water to help reduce the swelling and heat. I managed my trip and arranged as many meetings as I could and within 10 days flew back to Canada.

On my arrival in Canada, I became almost paralyzed in my legs and it was difficult moving from a sitting to standing position. I made several attempts with the Medical teams to find out what was going on with my body, and few would believe my suspicion that the cause of this neuromuscular condition was from the immunization. The only treatment that worked for me was prednisone, so I was able to regain my walking, standing, and usual routines as long as I was able to take the prednisone. The diagnosis given to me by professionals was Polymyalgia, which really means you do not know where the muscle and connective tissue weakness will occur next. It could be in your arms, hands, eyes, feet, and anywhere else it would decide to travel without permission.

At my times of greatest difficulties, I had several people supporting me so that I could continue to work, and my discomfort for the most part went unnoticed, except for all the hands and feet that assisted me behind the scenes. I needed a lot of care with Personal Support Workers.

I checked out my policy, and guess what? Polymyalgia, or any myalgia for that matter, was not covered. I decided to do something about this situation, and have taken out CARE SHARES so that the funds I would have continued to pay into an insurance claim I could not draw on, I have now paid towards my own personal care. The $78,000 I paid into a useless policy should have given me 2,600 hours of care at 40 hours a week for a year and a half.

I believe that most of us purchase insurance on our homes, our death, our car, and yet when we are stricken with a disease and need care we have no resources to pay for the CARE. If I should die before I am able to use the CARE SHARE PACKAGES, I have them given in my will to someone that can use the CARE NOW. It is a gift worth giving, and for me, if I never have to use it, I will be most happy. To this day, I still have my times that are difficult, and as one great lady taught me when asked how she is feeling, her response, and now mine, is GOD IS GOOD.

Gail Acton, CCS Founder